Tewes Consult is a practice focused on Coaching and Mediation.

Tewes Consult focuses on what you want to achieve in your working life and in your private situation in coaching programs and in supervising intervision programs. What obstacles do you experience now and what does it take to change to achieve your goals? Tewes Consult helps you to break through patterns, to cross barriers and to clarify with you what your talents, passion, core qualities and motivations are so that you can make conscious choices and increase your personal and professional effectiveness.

Tewes Consult holds a mirror to you, asks unexpected questions and works in a solution and result-oriented way to help you make the most of your potential and to take control when taking the next steps.

In mediation processes, Tewes Consult focuses primarily on family and labor issues. As a neutral and independent litigator, Tewes Consult can be of service to you in the field of family disputes, estate disputes, labor disputes and business conflicts in small and medium-sized businesses. In this she works both facilitating and evaluative with an eye for people and the (family) system.

Tewes Consult works together with a network of professionals including RESULT ADR , Liesbeth Gombert and Zita Jankovich .